March 21, 2017


Can one use Creative Cloud and the Scantex Online Yearbook System in combination to build a yearbook?

Yes, and we can help you organize the process with a simple Ladder Diagram outlining which pages and spreads will be done in which system. At the end of your design process, Scantex will marry the myriad PDF pages into one single yearbook.

What’s the best way to contact Scantex¬†to get a quote for my school’s yearbook?

Send us an email at and include the following info: Contact name and email, School name, Approx. quantity, Final yearbook size, Approx. number of pages, Hard or Soft Cover option. Give us your mailing address and we’ll send you our Scantex Yearbook Design Guidelines.

Does Scantex have flexible yearbook scheduling?

We leave the delivery date to you, whether it’s May, June, July or whenever. However, we need 4 weeks to finalize your yearbook properly, including proofing, printing, binding and shipping. Therefore, your yearbook must have final sign off and be uploaded to Scantex 4 weeks prior to delivery.